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TS3 Rubik's Cube ACC & Posepack

August 24, 2017

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TS3 TR03's uchiban set -刀剣乱舞Motif-

August 1, 2016

haneco ts3 TR03's uchiban set - 刀剣乱舞Motif -


✡haneco ts3 TR03's bandana
Male T/YA/A/E
Clothing Type:Accessory>Earrings


・compatible with HAT control
└haneco ts3 TR03's bandana HCver


・compatible with Adjust Glasses sliders http://kijiko.catfood.jp/
└haneco ts3 TR03's bandana GSver


Download>Sim File Share


✡haneco ts3 TR03's innerwear
 Male T/YA/A/E
 └Clothing Type:Accessory>Socks


Download>Sim File Share


✡haneco ts3 TR03's samue
 Male YA/A
 └Clothing Type:Fullbody

Original mesh & Texture SIMPLESTUDIO404


Download>Sim File Share

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